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Intolerable Acts

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     The Intolerable Acts made a vast destruction in Massachusetts. It almost lead many people dying of starvation since the British closed all of the ports in Boston, Massachusetts. The actions to lead this consequence is from the Boston Tea Party which was blamed on the "Sons of Liberty". After this event that was devastating for King George III, he took upon rough actions. He gave more power to the governors that were still loyal to him. He also bolstered the Quartering Acts which meant that he put more soldiers in the colonies to annoy and mostly harass the colonists. The king wouldn't open the ports until Massachusetts paid all of the taxes to the wasted tea that was poured into the harbor and the British East Indian Tea Company. The colonists were outraged of this act considering the fact, they wanted to get rid of the Tea Acts in the first place. Though the colonists were angry and despondent they still boycotted from the British goods.

-Seemran Kansara 


     The Intolerable acts got it's name from American patriots. These Intolerable acts limited the political and geographical freedom of colonists. Four out of the five laws were made to punish the colonists. The colonists were actually punished because of these acts, more than can be expected. Who knows how the Colonists survived through this harsh time? We will further inform you.

-Michael Dimaculangan 


What did the Intolerable Acts consist of?


     The Intolerable Acts consisted of Five Acts. First, was the Impartial Administration of Justice Act, which allowed the royal govenor to move trials. Second, was the Massachusetts Bay Regulating Act which banned all town meeting not appointed by the royal govenor. Third, was the Boston Port Act which closed all ports until the dumped tea was payed off. Fourth, was the Quartering act which allowed royal troops to live in homes if barracks were unavailable. Finally was the Quebec act, which gave religous freedom to all of the people living in Quebec.

-Michael Dimaculangan


How Did It Affect Colonists? 


     The Intolerable Acts really impacted the colonists in various ways. It starved and left people in Massachusetts distressed and heartbroken. Families were left hungry in the streets without any food or water. No only that, other predicaments occurred where families were forced against their will to shelter and care for soldiers that are strangers to them. It was like keeping you worse enemy in our household, which made colonists agitated. The colonists were very disappointed and angry with the new acts they were forced upon them. Many people really wanted Independence from Great Britian and King George III after this act. Colonists were ready to fight and get their freedom when the useless acts were put against their will. This is how the Intolerable Act affected the colonists.

-Seemran Kansara




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                                                    http://mrberlin.com/intolerableactspowerpointpresentation.aspx The laws of the Intolerable Acts


When did it start? How did it start


     The despondent Intolerable acts started in 1774 in result of the Boston Tea Party. But before you go on, the Boston Tea Party was a a Patriot plan to inform England, that the Patriots despised them. So, a group called the "Sons of Liberty" dressed up in Native American clothes and poured all of the British East Indian Tea into Boston's harbor. This led to the King George III to take very rough actions to the colonists. He made very fearsome laws that were unfair and unreasonable. Not only that, he woudn't open the gate until all of the money was paid back to the lost tea, which led many colonists die from starvation.

Intolerable Act's Laws

  • Bolstered the Quartering Act
  • Gave more power to governors that were loyalists
  • Wouldn't open the ports until Massachusetts paid back all of the tea. 

-Seemran Kansara


When did it end? How did it end?


      The Intolerable Acts or Coercive Acts are names used to describe a list of laws placed on the colonists for the Boston Tea Party. The Intolerable Acts was the fault of the colonists, specifically more of the Sons of Liberty who dumped 342 chests of tea into the British seaport. The Intolerable Acts never actually ended as stated before but ended when the colonists won the American revolution. One of the laws was the Boston Port Act and the colonists tried to object the Act and say that only the individuals that dumped the tea should be punished rather than all of Boston. Another disaster that happened was that the colonists in Boston could only have one town meeting in a year. This was disastrous because during the events leading up to the American Revolution the people needed to have meetings and they weren't allowed to, so this was really bad. There isnt really much to how the Intolerable Acts ended until the American Revolution.


        How the Intolerable Acts ended was because of the American Revolution. The American Revolution was probably the biggest victory the Americans had. It all started because of the British how they placed taxes, acts, and much more on the colonist to torture them. It wasn't for their good it was just to pay for the French and Indian War, which the British started themselves. The American revolution was a war that was going in the favor of the British until, the Battle of Saratoga. That is when the French and Indian joined to help the colonists. Finally in the Battle of Yorktown the British surrendered and the American were free. Afterwards the colonists and British signed the Treaty of Paris that listed some rules and regulations between the British and the colonists. This was officially when the Intolerable Acts ended.


          The Intolerable Acts ended when the American Revolution ended which was in 1783. It also officially ended when the British and the Colonists now Americans signed the Treaty of Paris. Which stated that the Americans weren't under the rule of the British no more and that all of the acts and taxes had been lifted off of the Americans. Also that the United States of America was a free and independent country now. This is when this Act ended and was probably a huge relief for the Colonists. To be more specific it ended on September 3, 1783 and this was when the Americans were finally free.

- Hasham Ali           


  •  The Intolerable Act, never actually ended. 
  • It ended when the colonists won the American Revolution. 
  • That was when the British gave up and let the colonists be their own country.
  • Thought the colonists did try to remove the act first, but it was denied.
  • So you can say the Intolerable Acts ended when the American Revolution ended which was in 1783. 

-Michael Dimaculangan










http://www.fairpropertytaxforall.org/florida_tea_party_07 Here the "Sons of Liberty" are pouring the tea down the harbor.





                                                                                                             http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intolerable_Acts The Intolerable Acts in action.


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Objection: Answer these questions

  • What is Intolerable Acts?


  • Why did the colonists despise these act the most?


  • Which state suffered from starvation?


  • When did the Intolerable Acts start?


  • When did the Intolerable Acts end?


  • What caused the Intolerable Act?


If you have answered all of these questions, you know all about the Intolerable Acts!

-Seemran Kansara 













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