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Boston Massacre

Page history last edited by Alyssa Grado 10 years, 8 months ago


The Boston Massacre

Figure 1: Picture of what people thought went on during the Boston Massacre <http://www.ushistory.org/declaration/related/images/massacre.jpg>


Introduction- Kaitlin Lima  


      The Boston Massacre was a street fight; late in the night between a group of colonist and British soldiers. Though it was not very clear on how this started, there were many reasons for there to be conflict between the British soldiers and colonist. The British troops were unwelcome to America, and because of that they had a major fight between the colonist and British Troops. This is a very important even in history because it was considered the very first American Revolution. Due to this fight, it started to make the colonist realize they wanted their freedom and independence more. This became the spark of the American Revolution and it made the colonist start to fight and protest for their natural rights and independence. 


What Happened During the Boston Massacre- Kaitlin Lima 


     There are many beliefs on how the Boston Massacre started. This fight happened right in front of the Custom House and the colonist had started to provoke the British soldiers. They protested against them and it started to get out of control. It was a huge fight and the troops were out numbered. The British troops in front of the Customs House could not handle it, so they called in more troops. The colonist kept throwing stones, snowballs, attacking and insulting the troops. Due to all the chaos, it was hard to hear anything. Captain Thomas Preston ordered his men to not fire. Since there was so much noise, they misunderstood him and fired. Killing three instantly and wounding many.  There was so much chaos and violence that a few days later two people, who were seriously injured, died. 5 people have been killed on that day and many charges were pressed due to the Boston Massacre.


Why The Boston Massacre Started and Happened- Ashley Pokhai


     The Boston Massacre had started late in the night in front of the Customs House where a British Solider was harassing a young apprentice.  Workers and sailors grew angry and started hurling rocks and stones at the soldiers.  The soldiers responded by shooting, which wounded five, but also sadly killed five.  The first person to die was Crispus Attucks; Crispus was a young African American Sailor.  Two weeks later, one of the suspects died in the hospital from their wounds.  A few days had passed since the most recent death and the soldiers were in court defended by their lawyer John Adams.  The case was closed, only two soldiers were punished and this mad the colonists grow angry.


The Many Beliefs On How The Boston Massacre Started and perspective- Andrew Dass


      First of all before the protesting has started and eventually led into the Boston Massacre there were other reasons why the protesting had started and had spread everywhere.  Some believe it was a protest against expensive taxes and acts since money was power back then and could be used for better uses that the citizens needed it for. Equality, racism, and independence were three reasons why to revolt against the agreements of others as well since things about equality, racism, and independence was absolutely not fair. But it was mainly about money; it was power back then and could be used for better uses that the citizens processed and needed it for since the economy wasn't even fair to some and once again it led to taxes and that is why it was important and it led into many issues making a big deal. Some people even believe it started because a solider had struck a boy with the butt of his rifle or when a group of people were provoking the British troops with snowballs and stones. 


     Once again the Boston Massacre was a disaster. The British soldiers went too far and didn't care for any action they have done! The people didn't deserve it, but eventually everyone dies throughout the years. It's not the right way to end a person's life. And I'm sad for those 5 people who died in such of a horrible situation. Yes it may be remembered to everyone and is reminded of a bad memory and sorry for the ones who died and didn't deserve this but we must overcome this event in history; the Boston Massacre.


     There were many reasons as to why the Boston Massacre may have occurred.  Some believe it was a protest against expensive taxes and acts since money was a symbol of power back then and could be used for better things that the citizens needed it for. Equality and independence were two major reasons on why they were revolting as well. Up to this day, we remember the Boston Massacre as a rambunctious event in history. The Boston Massacre was just the start of the American Revolution. The tension between colonists and England continuously grew because King George III had increased control over the colonies and raised taxes even more. This battle helped unite the colonist realize that they needed their independence and prove that they didn't need England. This small fight became the spark of the American Revolution. It has made the colonists really want their independence and natural rights back. 


      While researching and reading about the Boston Massacre I found that it was about protesting against four specific reasons: equality, religious freedom, racism, and independence. Some people were treated fairly and others were not because of those reasons. The Boston Massacre reminds me of what Libya and Egypt were going through and currently right now trying to gain equality, freedom, and independence. While citizen in these countries struggle for the basics rights in today’s world, back then in the 1770’s the people were disenchanted with what they were going through and decided to protest.


            One of the reasons that were given for the Boston Massacre is an issue about taxes, and currently there are many issues about raising taxes and having no taxes in the United States. Whether the government raises the taxes or not, I know that people are demonstrating in Wall Street because of this issue and the distributing of wealth. Although five people lost their lives during the Boston Massacre, I hope this demonstration in Wall Street results in positive ways; without people losing their lives. The citizens at that time during the Boston Massacre were being unfairly taxed on everything there was. To stop the madness, they started an uprising in an effort to reduce the taxes.


            Another important aspect of the Boston Massacre was how it started; popular beliefs states that some kids were throwing snow balls and rocks which hit one particular soldier. In return, other soldiers came and started to fight. Similarly, through my research, in the Middle East many of their protests almost always includes throwing stones and their opponent will shoot with guns. I think this is interesting because it seems that this historical event, which took place in the United States, continues to take different forms around the world. The Boston Massacre will never be forgotten because of what happened it was an actual disaster and it's no joke.



The Trials (Court Date) - Ashley Pokhai


     The court had planned to trial the general and soldiers separately.  But on October 21 the eight soldiers wrote a letter to the court house saying that they would like to be trialed at the same time with their captain.  The court house refused to trial them at the same time.  On October 24 to the 30th, Captain Preston was being trialed for what had happened on March 5, 1770.  But his lawyer John Adams agreed to be the lawyer for the captain and soldiers, which now created the conflict when they had to be trialed separately.  When Mr. Preston was being trialed, the main issue was: did he give an order to the soldiers to fire, or did he not.  Four people were on the defense line and there were three witnesses that saw what was going on.  Daniel Calef gave the most convincing eyewitness, he said that Captain Preston gave the soldiers the right to fire. 


            Eight weeks had passed and it was the soldiers turn in trial.  All eight soldiers presented themselves in court that very day including John Adams.  Samuel Hemmingway gave his testimony on what he saw on March 5, 1770.  Mr. Hemmingway said Private Matthew Killroy –one of the soldiers- shot the citizen John Gray.  Mr. Hemmingway also stated that Private Matthew Killroy wouldn’t have missed an opportunity to take fire at the citizens in Boston.  Others such as James Bailey said that the soldiers fired in self-defense because he saw the citizens provoking the soldiers to shoot by throwing snowballs and rocks.  After forty more witnesses gave their testimony, Mr. Adams decided to sum it up by saying the soldiers fired in self-defense.


     After a three hour conference, Hugh Montgomery and Matthew Killroy were found guilty and sentenced to death.  On December 14 the two men came in and were asked: was there any reasons why they shouldn’t be sentenced to death.  The men replied by saying raised a fact by stating the “the benefit of clergy.”  This was a request for their punishment to be moved from death to the branding of their thumbs. Surprisingly their request was accepted, and Mr. Adams looked as the two soldiers held out their right thumbs to be branded.  Sheriff Stephen Greenleaf had branded the soldiers thumbs.


Effects Of The Boston Massacre- Alyssa Grado 



  As we know, the Boston Massacre was a grueling fight that left many people injured and killed, but each one died or was injured for what they believed in. We see the Boston Massacre as a big tragedy. Though it partially was, the Boston Massacre lead to stunts that were imaginable. By imaginable I mean amazing, great, or worldly. It helped to unite the colonies in going against the mother country. The Boston Massacre helped the colonists' want their freedom even more. The colonists' who heard what had happened there, became  Even a short fight as the Boston Massacre, began the formation of a Revolution.


     At the time around the massacre, there was a lot of commotion going on then. but today, there still the effects felt on us. Without the Boston Massacre, there could have been a chance that the colonists' spirits would have died down and if the colonists' lost hope, we wouldn't have the country we have today. The massacre has an impact in our everyday lives because we would not be here, in this county if the colonists' spirits were not risen. This is a key factor that led to the revolution, which led to the freedom we cherish until this day. Many people think that the Boston Massacre shouldn't have occurred. I think it was an opportunity, despite the pain it caused.


     All in all, the massacre turned out to be not all bad, but not that great either. Without it happening, our lives would probably be different than how we are living it right at this moment. It sparked desire to do what needed to happen. Then, that was the only way anything could be solve regarding the issues. You might think, that it was a terrible moment, with regrettable outcome that caused war and disruption. I see it as the time where everything was out of proportion and it was a mistake, but they did not let it affect them. They corrected that mistake, by not letting the people who died, die for nothing. They lead us to our great lives we lead. Although, I am disappointed that people had to die in order for them to have sparked spirits, I am proud that gave us our independence.




Conclusion-Kaitlin Lima


     The Boston Massacre was a brutal fight in front of the Customs House, killing 5 people and leaving many injured. This fight has many stories on how it occurred, but due to all the chaos it was madness! When the captain ordered not to fire, they thought he had said to fire and so they did. They instantly killed 3 and a few days later two others died. The generals and troops were held in court and accused of murder. They were found guilty and sentenced to death. After this fight, it made the colonist very anger at the British. This made them realize that England was not doing them any good and they should be gone! The colonist saw that they needed their independence and their natural rights back. 


     Still, today we remember the Boston Massacre so much that it will never be forgotten. The Boston Massacre was just the beginning of the American Revolution. It grew more tension between colonist and England because King George III had increased control over the colonies and raised taxes even more. This battle helped unite the colonist realize that they needed their independence and didn't need England. This small fight became the spark of the American Revolution. It has made the colonist really want their independence and natural rights back. 


Bibliography- Ashley Pokhai


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Pictures-Kaitlin Lima and Ashley Pokhai 


Figure 2: British Soldiers < http://www.plumcreekmarketing.com/01toys/01images/fullsize/106204.jpg >


Figure 3: Custom House < http://www.thenagain.info/webchron/usa/BostonMassacre2.jpg >


 Figure 4: King George III < http://www.britishbattles.com/images/king-george-iii.jpg >


Figure 5: Captain Thomas Preston < http://www.bostonmassacre.net/images/new-preston-drawing.jpg >



 Figure 6: John Adams < http://www.visitingdc.com/images/john-adams-picture.jpg >


Video's- Kaitlin Lima and Ashley Pokhai 


Figure 7: Boston Massacre- <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRxJh9mcfmk>





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